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We are an exclusive centre for Hair Implantation, Laser treatment and Aesthetic Medicine situated at prime area of Pelangi Square Damansara, with a comprehensive range of services. With the commissioning of the new “Fotona Laser” and Fractitioner CO2 Laser in our centre , HairFaceClinic continues to earn more plaudits and praise from the cosmetic clinic industry and clients alike.

Focusing on an empathetic, nurturing environment and highly trained practitioners, HairFaceClinic offer the expertise of Cosmetic Injectors, Cosmetic Doctors, Laser and Skin Specialists, internal anti-ageing and weight loss consultants. These dedicated professionals provide soundly researched and proven services and treatments in the areas of injectable rejuvenation, fat reduction, skin tightening, non surgical facelift and skin rejuvenation.

Most recently, HairFaceClinic have begun offering a series of treatments called “Miracu/PDO face-lift”, the “natural absorbable thread lift and the “Designer Face”. This breakthrough, non-surgical procedures offer subtle transformation for the mature face, and works as a preventative measure for younger clients.

Other advanced break-throughs include Reagent PRP (sometimes called “the fountain of youth”) for extraordinary results in skin texture, tone, tightening and overall rejuvenation. Further developments using this technique have been demonstrated more efficient and less traumatic with the use of ‘Dermaqueen mesogun’.