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Vitamin C Iontophoresis


What is Iontophoresis?

It is a treatment whereby high potency Vitamin C is applied to the skin, using electrical charges to ensure that the Vitamin C is absorbed directly into the skin cells.
This encourages cell regeneration and regrowth, resulting in a healthier skin texture and skin surface.


Where can it be used?

Iontophoresis is commonly used on the face to:

  • Remove fine wrinkles
  • Lighten pigmented skin

Who can use Iontophoresis?

Almost anyone of all ages can make use of Iontophoresis. However, pregnant women, individuals who have been fitted with pacemakers and those who have an allergy to medications (ions) are advised from this treatment.

How long is the procedure? About 20 minutes.

After the procedure, Avoid any sun exposure.

Are there any side effects?

• Skin irritations and burns may occur.
• You may get a ‘pins and needles’ sensation during the treatment.

How soon can I expect to see the effects?

The skin is firmed after 1 treatment.

What happens if I did not continue treatment?

The results will be maintained provided that the treated area is not exposed to the sun for an excessive period of time and a proper skin care regime is practiced.

Should I go for Iontophoresis?

Our aesthetic doctor will ensure your procedure is safe. Thoroughly discuss what you want to achieve with the doctor in advance. They will provide you with professional advice and assist you in achieving the optimal outcome to enhance your appearance.