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We have a full range of state of art equipment and technologies in Aesthetic medicine which include hair treatment and implantation, Face make over likes botox, fillers, fat transfer, PRP and Stem cell treatment, thread sutures, face lift and Laser beautification. Body enhancement with Liposculpture, Carboxytherapy, Velasmooth and also Laser intervention.

Aesthetic Medicine is a new and growing field in medical care. It deals primarily with office-based procedures to improve your appearance. In doing so, it makes you feel better about yourself. You can enter a room full of people with self-confidence, knowing your outward appearance is a reflection of your inner self.

Aesthetic Medicine as a prescribed Medical–Surgical practice that apply the necessary techniques for the restoration, prevention of aging and the promotion of the Aesthetic Beauty for the well being of the body in general.

Our Aesthetic doctors are well qualified and highly experienced in the field of Aesthetic medicine and the use of advanced Laser equipment or Radio frequency machine. The most important we know what our esteem clients desire and their expectation.

The advent of lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL) and medications such as Botox and Restylene or Juvederm fillers, has made these services possible and affordable. The aesthetic procedures add a new, complimentary level of care to the commonly-performed plastic surgeries to improve appearance. The aesthetic methods cause little or no discomfort during or following the procedures. The patient can resume usual activities on the day of the treatment.

The practice of Aesthetics also encompasses procedures for the removal of unwanted superficial veins, especially in the legs. In Centre of Aesthetic Medicine, it is required that the laser, IPL, Liposuction and injection procedures be done by a Aesthetic Practitioner or under the direction of a Aesthetic medical doctor.

Dato' Dr. Zulkafperi Hj.Hanapi