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The biggest day of your life is coming, when you’ll be the most beautiful woman in the world. Let us send you our congratulations with our Pre Wedding Package.

Exclusive only to Brides & Bridegroom at a special price (you can chose a package without the health screening portion if desired)

• Pre-Marital Bride and Bridegroom Comprehensive Health Screening at RM350 each.

• Hairfaceclinic ‘V’ contour (Thread face lift or chin filler and botox jaw reduction) if
you desire to have face slimming and shaping $3,000.00

• Laser Skin Rejuvenation package (3 sessions) RM2500.00

• Lip enhancement for fuller and more kissable lips at RM1500.00

• Nose enhancement at RM1500.00

• Specially for Bride, immediate hair implantation can be arrange for your auspicious
occasion. Hair implant package is offered at RM8/ hair minima of 1000 hairs

• Penile Enhancement at RM2500.00 for 2 syringes of Fillers

• Non Surgical Bride circumcision at RM600.00

Alternatively, if you are a bride to be and are interested in any other procedures in our clinic, we would be happy to give you a special wedding package. We know that a wedding costs a lot of money and we will try to help you look your best with you budget. Contact us for more details.

If you only require health screening:

Pre Marital Bride and Bridegroom Comprehensive Health Screening at RM350.00 each
• Consultation with the Doctor
• General Physical Examination
• Blood Pressure Check
• BMI check
• Laboratory tests for:
• Full blood count
• Blood grouping
• Glucose
• Hepatitis B
• Rubella
• Thalassemia
• HIV and
• Syphilis
• Urine Dipstick

Why is Pre-Marital Health Screening important?

You and your partner are happy to take your vows and stick by each other in sickness and in health– it is good to know where you start. A routine health check gives you peace of mind as you prepare to embark on this journey ahead together.

At Hairfaceclinic, we provide Pre-Marital Health Screening services, and at the same time, throw in as a package some wonderful treatments of your choice to help you look the best you can on your big day.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and Hairfaceclinic consultant wants to help you look your best. Our customized wedding packages give brides, grooms, mothers, bridesmaids and other wedding party members the opportunity to look and feel their best for that special day.

Hairfaceclinic can customize a wedding package to help you:

• Clear up your skin so it’s ready for your wedding and wedding pictures.
• Get rid of unwanted hair with lasers so your skin is silky smooth.
• Treat excessive sweating with Botox so you can have a “no sweat” wedding.
• Look more relaxed by treating those wrinkles with Botox.
• Make your lips beautiful and plump or even fill facial lines with fillers like Juvederm.
• Enhance your nose with Juvederm.
• Rejuvenate your skin with Laser, Photo-Facials, Mircordermabrasions, Chemical Peels, and other Aesthetic Treatments.

Hairfaceclinic centre offers Brides and Grooms a FREE Wedding Package Consultation. During this consultation our Aesthetic consultant will help you create your Wedding Package using a Pre-Wedding Skincare Checklist. She will help you select the right options for your needs, plan out treatment times, provide package discounts for multiple procedures, and give you a Wedding Sample Package that includes our Pre-Wedding Skincare Checklist, skincare product samples, and various wedding day offers.

Pre-wedding aesthetic treatments continue to grow and have become much more socially acceptable in recent times. Keen to book in? Remember that you will need to plan ahead to ensure optimum results and time to recover. Exactly how much time will depend on the type of procedure, but your aesthetic physician should be able to guide you.

Botox, for example, can show results almost immediately, but it’s best to have it done a month before the wedding for the best results. Botox helps remove nasty frown lines and crow’s feet by immobilising certain muscles of the face.

But it can also help in other areas, such as under the arms to curb sweating. Hyaluronic acid injections can also help combat wrinkles.

Other options for a new you include laser skin rejuvenation, which removes a fine layer of damaged skin and stimulates the growth of new skin, microdermabrasion, which scrubs off dead cells and smooths rough surfaces, intense pulsed light (IPL), which treats aged and damaged areas, and skin peels, which gently peel away dead skin cells for healthy, new growth.

Dermal fillers can also help plump up and fill hollows, deep wrinkles and scars in such areas as the cheeks, chin and lips. Want a more kissable pout? A lip enhancement will help you to defining your natural lip line and plumping up the fleshy part. Nose enhancement will sharpened your features and looks.

Exercise won’t budge a few kilos or stubborn cellulite? There are several body shaping treatments & surgery you can undergo, including carboxy therapy, Vella smooth, Laser Lipolysis and Liposculpture.

Further beautifying? There’s also laser hair removal, IPL , Fractional Laser Treatment (Laser Skin Resurfacing), teeth whitening and hair implantations or even aesthetic circumcision.

DON’T leave it too late to schedule an appointment. Find out more about a procedure and how much recovery time you will need before booking in.

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