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The velasmooth combines gentle light (Infra Red) and radio frequency energy (ELOS) with mechanical rollers and Vacuum suction to manipulate the superficial fat tissue layer that contributes to cellulite.. The heat from the light and RF energies increases metabolism of this fatty layer and shrinks the size of fat cells. The mechanical rollers and vacuum suction act on the blood vessels to increase circulation to the local area, as well as massaging the skin to achieve a smoother, less dimpled surface appearance.

The initial treatment series consists of 10 treatment sessions – twice a week for 5 weeks. Maintenance treatments are typically done once a month after the initial series in order to keep up the results achieved.

This treatment can be use as an adjuvant after 1 month of Liposuction procedure. It help to correct the cellulite and achieve a smoother skin.

Beautiful Body

Achieving a smooth appearance to problem cellulite areas was once a challenge - either endure invasive, often painful procedures, or invest time and money in questionable topical treatments or diets.

The VelaSmooth™, powered by elõs™ technology - the combination of radio frequency and light energies, plus tissue mobilization with gentle suction - has changed everything. This is the FIRST and ONLY medical device PROVEN to safely and effectively re-contour the skin surface to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How does elos work?

Elos is the only technology that reaches deep enough into the fat tissue to effectively improve the appearance of cellulite.The light energy pre-heats the treatment area. Simultaneously, a gentle suction aids in the deep penetration of the radio frequency energy into the fat tissue - redistributing and increasing the metabolism of the fat tissue. In addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite, and re-contouring of skin's surface, the VelaSmooth also provides the added benefit of improved circulation, supporting overall health.

Does it hurt?

No. Cellulite treatment with the VelaSmooth is painless. Many patients compare treatment to a warm, relaxing massage. Treatments require no sedation, so this is a no-downtime procedure.

Expect the best only from the VelaSmooth.

Simply put, elos is proven to be the safest, most effective and comfortable solution for cellulite treatment.